Integrating API Voice/ Video Call into Web/App - Building an automatic call answering system with pre-configured scripts.

Published 2022-05-26

First of all, API is a protocol between software, each software will have its own API. VOICE API can be explained as a voice protocol software. On the system, the API will help set up the necessary features of a call center through Voice API.


  • Record the conversation on the admin page

  • Display status of each call, duration of the call

  • Make calls using a specific hotline for each customer

  • Support receiving calls from customers on the caller number

  • Customizable automatic redial if the phone is busy

  • Manage instant call charges in detail Setting up VOICE API to better communicate at a low cost, the business system will interact with users by voice call with customized scripts.


  • Make a large number of autocall calls with pre-recorded content.

  • Account balance notification by voice

  • Read account activation code, OTP (One Time Password) Allows voice interaction using audio recordings or Text to speech to personalize the call …

Currently, there are many virtual call center software with Voice API, in which Stringee is a platform that allows programmers / businesses to quickly integrate voice / video call, video conference, SMS into mobile app / web app in just 15 minutes.

Stringee has up to 6 call connection mechanisms including:

  • Call from App to App: use internet (3G / 4G connection or wifi)

  • Call from App to Mobile Number: connection between internet and GSM (mobile phone signal)

  • Call from Mobile Number to App: same mechanism as above

  • Call from Mobile to Mobile Number: Connect like a regular phone call, use the mask in the middle to hide the caller and the listener.

  • Call from App to Call Center:

  • Group Call.

With Voice API, a virtual call center is simplified and does not require infrastructure investment, each feature is integrated on the call center through the API with a code snippet. Businesses will save costs, optimize the quality of work of employees and easily double sales revenue.

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