Why does virtual call center save 50% of call charges compared to traditional call centers?

Published 2020-04-01

A traditional call center is a system of terminals that communicate with each other and make calls through a provider's network subscription. Each business will have a hotline number for customers to call and call back to customers in case the call center is busy when the customers call. The cost of calling with hotline numbers is quite high, as the number of calls increases, the cost of the calls is increased, increasing the burden on businesses, especially when businesses deploy sales campaigns, telesales, telemarketing or telephone surveys.

Hotline 's cost provided by some parties:

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StringeeX - Virtual call center solution helps businesses save 50% of call charges thanks to the intelligent adaptive number feature. Example: When an agent calls a Viettel mobile number, the system will choose the Viettel SIM to call with.

Normally, the on-net call fee is VND 1,000/minute but when using the virtual call center StringeeX, the on-net call fee is reduced to only VND 540/minute. In addition, network providers often have preferential programs: free 300 minutes on-net calling with the package 150,000 VND/month or call 10 minutes charge a minute,etc. to help businesses save maximum call costs.

In addition, the StringeeX virtual call center provides free internal calls for businesses and allows calling directly from the application/website to customers. The web/app online call feature of StringeeX is similar to the video call feature of Facebook Messenger or Zalo that we still use every day. As a result, businesses can take care of customers anytime, anywhere, without missing a sale opportunity.

StringeeX provides Call Out services, calling directly from a computer or mobile application to take care of customers at a fee equal to only 50% of traditional calls. Recording all calls makes it easy for managers to control and manage call quality. Be the first customer to experience the free trial with https://stringee.com/en

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