Baemin uses StringeeX’s video call solution to improve agent and driver productivity

Phát hành 2022-06-20

Baemin, short for Baedal Minjeok, is a South Korean food delivery unicorn startup. Founded in 2010, the company now has operations across Asia, hitting nearly $2 billion in revenue last year.

Managing a fleet of thousands of full-time drivers (along with approximately 20,000 part-time ones) is not an easy task. Especially during COVID19, many operational challenges arose when the demand for food delivery skyrocketed.

Amid the chaos, Baemin never lost its focus on providing exceptional service for diners, restaurants, and its drivers.

Leveraging Stringee Video Call

One of the most critical areas of the operation is driver support.

When receiving a call from a driver, the first thing the call center employee needs to do is verifying the driver’s identity. This is not a straightforward process. What if someone has access to the driver’s account, or worse, their phone? How can the support staff be sure that they’re talking to the right person?

Stringee provides a simple, yet powerful solution. By integrating our video call feature, both drivers and call center staff have been able to save time, while making no compromise on security.

This is how it works:

  • Using a web browser, the driver accesses the support center to make a video call
  • A support agent receives the call and asks for identity verification. The driver will provide evidence such as their ID.
  • With both the driver’s face and their ID on the screen, the support agent can make a judgment with high confidence about the driver’s identity.
  • The driver and the agent continue with the issue
  • After the call ends, a video record of the conversation will be saved for future reference
  • ![enter image description here]( "enter image title here")

A streamlined process reduces the time it takes to support each driver, therefore more can be served during the day. And most importantly, it helps the driver focus on their job, which is delivering the best service for restaurants and diners.


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