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Plans Comparison

StringeeX features Professional Plan Omnichannel 1 Plan Omnichannel 2 Plan (+ Video Call)
A Call features
1 System features
1.1 Interactive Voice Response (IVR), direct customers to the department in charge
1.2 Leave voicemail outside of business hours or if all employees were busy
1.3 Config business hours
1.4 Connect many different numbers ( 1800, 1900, landline, mobile)
1.5 Record calls based on queue, number or direction of the call (in/out)
2 Features for agents
2.1 Hold calls, music on hold
2.2 Mute during calls
2.3 Transfer calls to other agents
2.4 Group conference calls (Agent, Supervisor, customer)
2.5 Toggle call out rights
2.6 Automatically chooses numbers from the same telco with customers’ numbers to call in order to minimize fee ( E.G: If the customer uses a Viettel number, the system will automatically choose a Viettel number to make the call to said customer)
2.7 Allow agents to have a period of free time before the next call come in ( After Call Work)
2.8 Free internal calls
2.9 Direct calls toward Agents’ personal phone numbers: support redirecting calls to Agents’ cell phones’ numbers without the need for an internet connection ( Wifi, 3G/4G)
2.10 Can change Agents’ status: Available, Lunch Break, Short Break, etc.
2.11 Can choose to take calls on different devices: IP Phone, Web, Mobile App or personal number
2.12 Transfer call to another queue
2.13 Look at call history
2.14 Toggle auto answering
3 Features for supervisors
3.1 Supervisors can takeover Agents’ calls
3.2 Supervisors can eavesdrop ( listen) on Agents’ calls
3.3 Supervisors can disconnect Agents’ calls
3.4 Supervisors can pick up calls from queues
3.5 Supervisors can transfer calls to other Agents
4 Customers’ data manipulation features
4.1 Block harassing numbers
4.2 Categorize customers into different priority level
4.3 Direct customers toward the right agent in charge
5 Smart calls distribution
5.1 See last Agent served
5.2 Categorize Agents into different groups based on their skills to serve customers in different queues (Skill-based routing), can prioritize groups
5.3 Divide into different extension numbers and allow customers to dial said numbers to reach specific departments or Agents
5.4 Config multiple queues with different properties: hold music, agents’ skills, maximum wait time, etc.
5.5 Allow setting maximum wait time: if an Agent didn’t pick up during this period of time, the call will be transferred to another Agent to make sure the customer gets served in the lowest time possible.
6 Other features
6.1 Auto call
6.2 Support automatically open a URL (popup) displaying customers’ numbers, hotline number when Agents pick up calls or customers do
B Ticket management
1 Automatically open a ticket when a call is made or received
2 Automatically convert voicemails into tickets
3 Automatically convert missed calls into tickets
4 Create tickets through API
5 Transfer tickets between departments, Agents
6 Information fields dynamic tickets
7 Categorize, prioritize, change tickets’ status
C Manage contacts, customers
1 Create and manage multiple contacts ( personal customers), companies, group contacts into companies
2 Display all information, notes and phone number of customers who call in or when Agents call out
3 Manage tickets related to customers, companies
4 Create and manage dynamic properties
5 Search for customers’ information
6 Import/ Export customers’ data
D Reports & Statistics
1 Report calls, basic information about a Call Center updated each time interval ( e.g: 30 minutes)
2 Call history, search history by any criteria, listen to recordings
3 Report Agents’ activities
4 Report Agents' performance
5 Report tickets
6 Config SLA
E Real-time Monitoring
1 Monitor calls
2 Monitor Agents
3 Monitor Queues
4 Monitor PBX's performance
F Mobile app support (Android, iOS)
1 Voice Call features
2 Ticket features
G Deep API Integration
1 API for mobile (Android/iOS/React Native/ Phone Gap)
2 API for Web (JavaScript)
H Live Chat feature
1 Agent's chat review
2 Send photo/file
3 Automatically distribute chat to Agent/ Department following various sets of rules: circle, Agent's skills, last met Agent, account manager, etc.
4 Create a ticket for each chat session
5 Create a ticket for each missed chat
6 Create and manage customers with Cookie
7 Quick answer bot
8 Config the chat window through web
9 Overall report on chat
10 Detailed reports on chat
11 Transfer chat between agents, departments
12 Real-time monitor chat
13 View information about the device that customers use to chat
I Facebook Fanpage management feature
1 Create tickets for users' posts on page
2 Create tickets for users' comments on page's posts
3 Create tickets for users' comments on page's posts which contain specific keywords.
4 Reply to customers' comments
5 Reply to customers' messages
6 Create tickets for users' messages on page
J Email feature
1 Create and manage emails through portals
2 Create a ticket for each email received
3 Send emails with attached photo/file
4 Receive and send rich text
5 Distribute tickets to agents following sets of rules: See sales manager, see last agent, prioritize online agents
6 Notify sender when a ticket is successfully created
7 Create contacts
8 Send CC, BCC emails
K Video Call feature
1 Customers make video calls to meet Agent from Mobile App / Web
2 Agent proactively makes video calls to customers coming to Mobile App / Web
3 Video recording, call recording
4 ACD and Ticket features like voice calling
L Support
1 24/7 support
2 Support connecting numbers, registering numbers with telephone companies.