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Outbound Call Center

An automatic dialer allows the maximization of an outbound call campaign’s effectiveness.

Quick and effective communication with your prospective customers

Smart dialer

Allow multiple outbound calls from various channels all at once to optimize agent’s working time and the rate of successful cold calls. Automatically recognise and remove spam calls, busy lines, and fake numbers that typically take up 1/3 of an agent’s working time.

Integrate quickly with Call Center and CRM/ERP Software

Our solution quickly integrates the automatic dialing system into any Call Center or Contact Center. Integrated APIs support outbound campaigns through any available software or third-party software (CRM, ERP…).

Manage campaign with ease

We offer complete detailed reports and statistics on all campaign metrics (Customer reports, call reports, calling time…).

Outbound Call Center features

Campaign Management

Create and manage multiple campaigns at once; upload customer data, add or remove agents, set the target calling metrics for agents.

Manual dialer

Allows agents to proactively select campaigns and receive customers, make calls to the customers (manually).

Preview dialer

Preview dialer allows agents to preview customer information before making calls.

Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer calls multiple numbers at one time (using algorithms). As soon as a customer answers, an agent is connected to them.

Progressive dialer

Automatically dialing a number from a call list until it finds an available agent that will receive the customer’s call.

CRM integration

Effortlessly integrate with the enterprise’s CRM to implement an outbound call campaign easily.

Sales follow-up

When the call-out campaign is carried out but fails to make an outbound call and the customer calls back, the system will automatically transfer the call to the agent in charge.

Import file excel

Import customer data from excel files and create corresponding contacts in the system.


Offer complete and detailed reports of campaigns.

Better sales, higher customer satisfaction with Outbound Call Center


Save time and reduce manual activities

Automatic dialer minimizes the time spent manual dialing or waiting to connect to a customer. The total number of calls each agent could make in a day triples in comparison to traditional dialing systems.


Customer experience optimization

Connect the data of outbound campaigns with CRM, automatically indicate priority calls to maximize the successful receiving rate. The total number of calls each agent could make a day triples compared to traditional dialing systems.


Agent productivity maximization

Eliminate downtime between calls by immediately starting the next call and assigning for any available agent which eliminates up to 99% of the agent’s waiting time.

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