Outbound Call Center

Deep integration

Integrate smart auto dialer technology with Call Center/Contact Center

Manage call out campaigns

Add or remove agent, customer lists from campaign. Change campaign status

Preview Dialer

agent preview the customer information, click agree, the call will go to the agent then pour to the customer

Progressive Dialer

Automatically call to agent, if agent answers, the call is dropped to the customer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer: Automatically call to customers when appropriate conditions occur, after customers pick up, the phone calls to agent


Import customers' data from excel file. Overall and detailed realtime report on campaign

Live Chat feature

Automatically distribute chat

Distribute chat to agent/ Department following various sets of rules: circle, agent's skills, last met agent, account manager, etc.


Create a ticket for each chat session. Create a ticket for each missed chat

Automatic answering bot

Automatically answer using pre-configured scripts


Create overall and detailed reports on chat history: chat volume, number of missed chat, average answering time, etc.

Manage & monitor chat history

Supervisors can manage, monitor chat in real time

Send photo/file in chat

Allow agent/customer to send photos, file (pdf, word, excel, zip, png, etc.) during chat.

Facebook Fanpage management feature

Manage Facebook comments/ inbox

Automatically retrieve Leads from comment/message and distribute to agents

Customers' feedbacks

Allow replying to comments, messages on Facebook right from StringeeX

Create tickets according to keywords

Automatically retrieve Leads and create tickets from comments containing specific keywords

Integrate Zalo Official Account


Automatically create tickets for users' messages on Zalo OA

Distribute tickets

Distribute tickets (zalo messages) to agents following sets of rules: See sales manager, see last agent, prioritize online agents

Contact information

Create contacts from tickets (zalo messages)

Email feature

Automatically distribute emails to agents following priority rules

Distribute following sets of rules (see sales manager, see last agent, prioritize online agents, etc.)

Send and receive file

Allow sending and receiving attached photos and file. Receive and send Rich text ( Word file). Send CC, BCC emails

Create & manage email

Automatically create tickets for emails. Notify sender when a ticket is created successful.

Records Management (Ticket)


Automatically open the relevant ticket when the agent receives a call or calls the customer

Automatically generate tickets

Automatically turn voicemails into tickets, turn missed calls into tickets

Assign tickets

Transfer tickets between departments and agents

Classification of tickets

Classify tickets; priority ticketing; change the status of the ticket

Information fields

Ticket information fields are dynamic, customizable to suit your needs


Classify tickets; priority ticketing; change status to the ticket

Manage contacts and companies (CRM)

Contacts and companies management

Create and manage multiple contacts (personal customers), many companies, group of contacts into the company

Display customer information

Display customer name, phone number and all notes on that customer when customer calls in or agents call out


Manage records related to contacts, companies through tickets

Dynamic properties

Create and manage dynamic properties for contacts, clients and companies


Search customer information by any criteria


Import/export customer data via Excel

Reports and Statistics

Call Center Performance

Report calls, basic information of 1 Contact Center updated once each time interval (for example: every 30 minutes)

Call History

Call history, search by any criteria, listen to the recording files again

Agent reports, tickets

Report on agent's activity, agent's performance, report on the record

Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring Calls

Allow monitoring details of ongoing calls, which agents is participating in each call and controlling those calls directly

Monitoring agents

Allow monitoring details of which agent is online, active status, participating in a call or not. Can directly change an agent’s status

Monitoring Queues

Allow monitoring download details of queues: how many calls are ringing, how many calls are being answered