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Call Center solution for better customer experience

With high flexibility and scalability, our professional Call Center solution can help all types of enterprises (SMEs, Startups, and others) to optimize their cost

Quick and easy setup, unlimited scalability of Call Center

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Storing customer data

Save customer data with StringeeX contact using custom fields to identify customers, even as soon as they call. Save customer issues using tickets, allowing agents to track the entire process while handling customer issues.

Call Reports & Statistics

Access to overall reports of call monitoring, detailed reports of each call, receipts, agents, and campaigns. Quickly analyze generated reports to track the performance and outcomes of each agent in the Call Center.

Call Center features


Set up various phone number types (1800, 1900, landline, mobile)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Identify, segment, and route callers to the best-suited queue.

Conference call

Conference calls among supervisors, call agents, and customers.

Business hours

Customize Business hours for each center, group, or department.

Voice Mail

Allow callers to leave a voicemail in case all agents are unavailable or outside of business hours.


Direct calls to agent’s personal phone number (when agents are out of the office or have no internet connection (Wifi, 3G/4G).

Transfer calls

Transfer calls to other agents, supervisors, queues, or IVR.

Automatic Contact & Ticket creation

Automatically create a ticket for each call with the information of the contact. Agents can share contacts and tickets with other agents for support.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatically distribute calls to the agent in charge, the last agent supporting the customer, or assigned/priority team/department.

After-call work

Give agents wrap-up time to complete follow-up tasks after each customer interaction before starting a new call.


Give callers the option to remain in queue: voicemail, music, recall option…

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor calls, agents, queues, and PBX’s performance.

Call analytics

Call metrics and statistics (call status, agent information, caller information). Analytics of center productivity, agent productivity, SLA compliance…

Call recording

Voice and video records of calls. Offers storage and playback of call records to assist management.

Blacklist numbers

Set and block harassing numbers (blacklist) in the queue or IVR.

Mobile App

Allow outbound calls from Mobile App (Android & iOS) to any customer phone number via the Call Center Hotline. Save call history and create tickets on the app.

Simple for manager, supervisor, and agent


Deep integration

Quickly integrate with all CRM software, mobile apps, and websites using Stringee SDK/API.


Control by Visual

Cut down on training time from months to several minutes. Your agent could use the Call Center with the simplest gestures.


Easy to manage

As our software does not require expert technical knowledge, managers can easily add users, assign tasks, and supervise agents from both desktop or smartphone.

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