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Video Contact Center solutions for businesses

Increase customer relationships with high-quality live video calling from anywhere

Personalize your customer experience for a low price with StringeeX's Video Contact Center

Live conversation with real-time feedback

With just one click of a button, customers can directly contact a service agent via the webpage or the app of your business, creating a real and intimate relationship between your agents and your customers.

Easy and Simple integration into any application

Stringee provides Video Call API/SDK that can be easily integrated into any website or mobile app. Businesses can merge our solution straight to the current CRM system, helping agents support customers more efficiently.

Displaying ads for video marketing purposes

While customers are on hold, video ads can be displayed to increase product awareness which in turn will help your marketing campaign to become more successful.

StringeeX Video Contact Center Features

Mobile Application

Allows agents and customers to video call each other through a variety of platforms such as Website and App. A Software Development Kit is available for easy integration.

Audio and Video Recording

Voice calls and video calls can be recorded for managers to monitor agent performance.

Automated Call Distribution

Calls will be distributed to specialized agents or any specific agents to your preferences

Video Enabled Ticketing

Automatically generate tickets for every call so agents can manage customers with ease. These tickets can be customizable with different fields.

Video Conference

Supervisors and managers can simultaneously join any video call to create a conference in order to assist other agents and customers

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Allows businesses to integrate to different platforms (like Facebook, SMS, Email) with live chat to manage customer queries with just one software.


Easy to view reports and analytics on call performance, agent performance, and other key indicators of a call center.

Business hours

Customizable business hours in order to effectively receive calls. Allows businesses to receive calls accordingly to their working schedule.

Monitor performances

Businesses can easily monitor the performances of agents and calls with real-time analytics.

API Support

Stringee supports API integration to other CRM software in order to increase work-flow productivity and manage customers

A contact center solution with video application for all businesses and industries


Increase the opportunity to reach high-value clients

Stringee allows businesses with high-value merchandise to have a secure transaction with customers. For example, document verification, interviews, or reimbursing loans.


Help businesses meet specific needs of clients

Field Service Agents can closely observe issues from customers and assist customers right on site, making the procedure to be straight-forward and simple.


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service Agents can easily have a face-to-face conversation with customers to answer questions quickly and directly. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction and improving customer relationships.

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