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Integrated API solution for business

Provide APIs to integrate Call Center/Contact Center with available software and mobile apps regardless of scale and business fields.

Easy setup with customizable settings and management

Seamless integration with all software

Our solution offers all features of a professional Call Center. Integrate with all available CRM/ERP models to build up a Call Center of various sizes: from several to thousands of agents.

Business domain customization

Allow user interface (UI) design and customization of user experience to best fit the business function and professional processes of the enterprises without depending on updates and support from suppliers.

Report & Statistics

Automatically sync and store all call data (voice and video) and interaction history in CRM while generating reports and statistics about the Center’s activities in the same data pool with a CRM/ERP to conveniently assist tracking and management.

Integrated API features

API for mobile app

Support Android/iOS/React Native/Phone Gap.

API for Web

Support JavaScript.

API for backend

Call history, call recordings, contacts, tickets…

Optimize customer experience


Save time and money

Our integrated APIs provide a full API toolset for enabling setup and operation of the Call Center/Contact Center for companies of any size without spending a lot of money or having deep technical knowledge.


Higher customer satisfaction

Seamlessly integrate with other softwares and apps to help agents easily learn about their customer’s profiles to provide the best service experience, this results in higher customer satisfaction and productivity.


High stability

Stringee’s integrated API solution is the result of rich experience in setting up IT & technology infrastructure for large enterprises which demand high quality and operation stability.

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