Omni-channel Contact Center –

Omni-channel Contact Center

The tool for comprehensive omni-channel brings a unified customer experience for better sales and customer service optimization.

Let customers reach businesses in whichever way is best for them

Omni-channel interaction

Integrate all communication channels (Voice Call, Video Call, chat, email, SMS, Facebook, Zalo) in one unified interface to help agents interact and handle all customers’ enquiries easily.

Integrate CRM

Integrate Contact Center and Enterprise CRM to sync and display customer information from multiple channels. We help agents recognize customers through various channels.

Analyse and Report

Allow tracking and analysing of all Contact Center metrics in real-time, including - calls, email, chat, recordings, agent… Management can track performance and outcomes of each agent to optimise productivity.

Omni-channel Contact Center features

Voice call

All features of a high-end professional Call Center (features for agents, managers/supervisors, customer data, smart call distribution, system features…)

Video call

Support video call features on the website and mobile app (Android & iOS). Automatic call distribution, tickets, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)...Allow voice and video recording.


Integrate and automatically distribute emails to agents according to departments and workloads. Support email attachments (pictures & files) and rich text sending/receiving.

Live chat

Automatically allocate chat to agents based on a set rules: rotation, skill-based, last supporting agent, etc. Create a ticket for each chat session. Offer overall/detailed chat reports.


Create tickets for every post, comment, message on the Facebook business page and allocate chats to agents based on a set rules: rotation, skill-based, the last supporting agent, etc.


Automatically create tickets for users' messages on Zalo OA and distribute tickets (zalo messages) to agents following set rules: See sales manager, see last agent, prioritize online agents…

The competitive advantage of communicating with customers across various channels


Improve customer experience

Smooth communication across channels and other smart features help simplify your sales and customer service process which leads to higher customer satisfaction.


Productivity optimization

Reporting systems allow the tracking of the working status of each agent, the overall productivity of the Center, and popular requests from customers. These insights allow quicker and better decision making for improvements that optimize productivity.


Call Center Professionalization

Your employees no longer need to switch among channels because StringeeX offers a unified interface for handling tasks. This facilitates the professionalization of Call Center/Contact Center.

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