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Contact Center Ticketing system

Automatically create a ticket for each inquiry and interaction with the customer in one unified interface.

Arrange workflows quickly

Receiving customer inquiry

Any customer inquiry from call, video call, SMS, live chat, Facebook, Zalo… would be immediately logged as a ticket, classified, and then assigned to the agent in charge.

Customer information management

During the interaction with the customer, agents can take notes, check information, and service history to quickly learn about that customer to help provide the best services.

Reports and tracking tools for management

Our solution offers complete and detailed reports on ticketing metrics (SLA ticket supporting speed) to assist tracking of workflows and agent productivity.

Ticketing system features

Create tickets

Automatically create a ticket whenever an agent receives an outbound/inbound call, receive email/live-chat, SMS, and other interaction in Social networks (Facebook, Zalo...).

Assign tickets

Assign an agent and supervisor for the customer ticket.

Categorize and prioritize tickets

Allows categorizing and prioritizing of tickets by importance and status.

Dynamic information field

Admins can modify, add, or remove ticket information (name, age, sex, address…).

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Reports on SLA ticket resolving rate.

Trigger and Automation

Set up a Trigger and Automation to automate processes, reduce manual/repetitive activities (automatic mail reply, task notification, ticket updates…).

Customer satisfaction survey

Evaluate customer satisfaction through a survey (email or autocall).


Provide canned responses and preset actions that allow agents to apply as needed.

Highly effective assistant to your business


Time saving

By automating manual activities (record customer information, task assignment…), agents can focus on supporting their assigned customer inquiries, which saves up to 50% of their work time.


Increase productivity

Ticket reports provide managers or supervisors with a clear basis for evaluation, skill training, and development for each agent; resulting in a more productive workforce and more effective operation of the Call Center.


Higher customer satisfaction

The ticketing system supports a smoother operation. Agents receive and resolve queries or issues quickly which increases customer satisfaction.

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