Video call –

Video Call solution for modern business

Connect with customers effectively with online video interaction.

Enhance customer experience while saving costs for your enterprise with Video Call

Face-to-face interaction

With just one click, customers can make a video call to the Customer Service Department through the website or mobile apps. Employees can interact in real-time with customers via video.

Integrate 3rd-party software

Integrate Video Call function with a 3rd party software/app. Make or receive a video call to customers from the CRM.

Video Marketing and advertising in queue

While customers are waiting to be connected to the call center agent, an advertisement could be played to increase brand recognition and marketing.

Video Call Contact Center features

Mobile App

Allow customers and agents to connect via the Mobile/Web App. Support all operating systems.

Video Call recording

Video Call recording allows management to playback and review calls.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Automatically distribute calls to the agent in charge, the last agent supporting the customer, or assigned/priority team/department.


Automatically create tickets, assign tickets, and categorize tickets. Configure dynamic information fields, SLA…

Solutions for branding and building a competitive advantage



All Video Call is supported through an internet connection resulting in saving 50% of the cost of the Center in comparison to traditional calls.


High quality

Video Call Solution of StringeeX offers full HD image quality, clear sound, and stable connection to ensure effective visual interaction between customer and agent.


Branding solution

Applying Video Call in your customer service would create an advantage over competitors. This visual consulting solution helps increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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