Mini CRM –

Mini CRM Solution for business

All features and functions of the mini CRM are integrated with Call Center/Contact Center to help store and manage customer data effectively.

Manage sales activities automatically, users just need to follow simple steps to key in data

Store and manage customer profiles

Allow automation of customer management, including: data collection, categorisation (customers, partners, suppliers, distributors). Tracking interaction history: customer classification by potential, importance, type of enterprise, contact information.

Arrange & manage appointments and customer interactions

Allow agents to follow interactions with customers by scheduling calls, appointments and keeping track of interaction history over time. The feature of task manager and smart task notifications would increase agent’s productivity of communication with customers and help avoid omitting customer information.

Real-time statistics and reports

Detailed reports help agents track customer interaction history, sales chances, and closed deals. This would provide comprehensive insights for increasing sales & marketing effectiveness.

Mini CRM features

Individual customer management

Allows management of information and interaction history of customers individually.

Business customer management

Allow management of information and interaction history of customers.

Dynamic information field

Allow modification of customer information and tickets.

Import/export by API- Excel

Allow import/export of customer databases through excel files.

Manage tickets by customer

Track customer interaction history.

Lead classification

Allow classification and prioritization of customer status through suitable channels based upon the nature of the enterprise.

Less time wasted, higher sales revenue


Central organization and data sharing

Allow the storage of all customer data from every communication source into one central interface. Agents will save time for data searching and work more effectively.


Follow closely information and status of potential customers

Our mini CRM system allows users to have an overview of customer profiles including: status, level of interests, issues… Understanding potential customers help managers generate ideas and solutions to increase prospective customers


Improves agent efficiency & productivity

Optimization of searching, categorising, classifying customers, and task management will save employees time. The time that could be spent for more important tasks.

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