Customer Care Through Video Call

Published 2020-03-31

How to use video calls to effectively support customers

Video Marketing simplifies communication between companies and their customers. The versatility of video communication makes it one of the most profitable tools in digital marketing. Today, people all over the globe actively use video calls in their professional and personal lives. This type of communication efficiently helps customers resolve their issues. In turn, the quality of the company’s customer care greatly improves.

Customer support plays an important role in "turning customers into loyal clients". If you are already using live chat to help your customers solve their problems, then you only need to upgrade your video features in your customer care application. If you do some research, you will find that video call brings great benefits toward building a relationship with your customers.

How to improve customer support by video communication

There are many ways to use video calls to help increase the quality of your customer support. This article will provide you with several methods and real-world examples from companies that have used it successfully.

Video tutorials

Step-by-step videos can be handy when learning about the product and how to use it.These videos have simplified technical information in order for the user to easily understand the service.

This method will allow you to effortlessly and quickly guide customers on how to use the product. This approach is useful when you deploy technical products on the market.

For example, Slack makes video tutorials for their new customers to help them get better acquainted with their products.

Personalize connection with customers

Clients are happier when you give them a more personal experience when dealing with them. By using video calls to contact the customers, they feel closer to the company and receives a great emotional experience. These satisfying emotional experiences are the key to customer loyalty.

Video calling lets the customers know that you are still interested and that you want to build a stronger link with them. Using your real name and calling the customer by theirs from the beginning and throughout the call will make a significant difference. Customers will feel that they are treated special and will want to engage more in the conversation and the business.

You can use cloud based complete software StringeeX to receive video calls that will solve your customer problems.

Connect with your customers through video calls

Live chats helps customers connect better with the brand. If your meal doesn’t arrive on time, you can immediately chat with the operator to complain and the customer is also following this trend.

Now, you have one more option for customer support - Video Calling. Companies are turning to this kind of customer service because video calls specialize in solving technical questions in a short amount of time. A quick, concise, and personal customer service has a strong impact on sales, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The fact that customers can talk face to face with an agent will let them feel more personal experience and increase their confidence in your business. There are many different video calling software aimed at solving problems for your customers.

Customer support instruction videos allow you to design your own customized guides and presentations to solve the complex issues quickly. On the other hand, using video calls to help solve customer questions will be effortless and faster. The client will have an easier time understanding the agent’s instructions and issues will be quickly resolved. The customers will easily understand the features of the product and remove unnecessary concerns in the product demo. In addition, the call adds a personal touch by the company and thus will increase your relationship with the customers.

Reduce customer processing time

Today’s technologically advanced age, is fast-paced. People don't have the time to spend reading long product descriptions or issue solutions. Client like it when their concerns have immediately responses and solutions. The use of videos to guide and solve problems for customers is today’s trend. Sharing video links with customers to solve the problems is the way to go. One important feature here is that the client can join, embed links, share and comment on issues through video call with the click of a button.

Customer support video tools allows customers to find out when they’re experiencing difficulty using a product or service, it's your job to provide tools for them to solve their own problems. These will help customers be more satisfied and reduce the workload for your employees. As reported by numerous businesses using this tool, the number of support calls decreased over the years.


In summation, videos have been recognized as an effective customer support tool. This is a good time to consider using video calls to promote your business. We believe this article will inspire you to create a customer-centric support video to improve your customer experience.

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