What is SNAP Selling? 

SNAP stands for Simple, Invaluable, Align, and Priority. 

Author Jill Konrath invented SNAP Selling to streamline the sales process and increase customer value. It not only helps salespeople understand customer needs but also helps them provide more accurate and optimal solutions.

Pros & cons of SNAP Selling


  • Simple and effective: SNAP Selling focuses on simplifying the sales process, eliminating complicated steps, and optimizing working time.
  • Focus on key points: A great advantage of SNAP Selling is the ability to focus on the most important key points in the sales process.
  • Create unparalleled value: SNAP Selling puts an understanding of customer needs at the heart, creating exceptional value that cannot be achieved with traditional sales methods.
  • Consideration and prioritization strategy: SNAP Selling provides an intelligent consideration and prioritization strategy that helps sellers focus on what matters most to customers.


  • Requires flexibility: Although flexibility is an important factor, not everyone is willing to accept and adapt to rapid change.
  • High adaptability: In a diverse market environment, adaptability is an important key to success with SNAP Selling.

Steps to apply SNAP Selling to sales effectively 

As mentioned above, the SNAP Selling method focuses on how customers make decisions. Therefore, implementing this sales method focuses on the customer's purchasing decision process, including 4 stages:


  • Clearly define your customer's problem: Start by understanding the challenges your customer is facing and their business environment.
  • Solve problems simply: Choose simple and effective solutions, reduce pressure, and increase customer acceptance.


  • Understand customer needs: Ask and listen to customers to create unpredictable value.
  • Create irreplaceable value: Build solutions that meet basic needs and create special value, making products irreplaceable in the minds of customers.


  • Make sure the solution reflects customer values: Choose a solution that matches the value customers are looking for.
  • Build strong relationships: Understand customers and provide suitable solutions to build long-term relationships.


  • Identify and prioritize the most important issues: Ask customers about the most important issues and focus on them.
  • Optimize performance: Focus on priority issues to optimize sales performance and build sustainable competitive advantage.

SNAP Selling application in businesses 

Effective ways to apply SNAP Selling in business, sales, and marketing activities of businesses include:

Explore the market and connect with customers

To apply the SNAP Selling method successfully, nothing is more important than deeply researching the market and understanding customers. Taking the time to understand your customer's needs, challenges, and goals will help you determine the most appropriate approach. Use market research tools and always follow new trends so you don't miss any opportunities.

Build strong relationships

Relationships are the key to an effective sales strategy. Create strong relationships with customers through social media channels and offline. Take advantage of business networks and networking opportunities to seek cooperation opportunities and build strategic alliances. These relationships not only increase sales opportunities but also help build credibility and trust within the industry.

Make a sales plan

Having an agile sales plan is important to ensure that everyone on the sales team is working toward a common goal. Make sure everyone on the team understands the goals and strategy. At the same time, provide them with the necessary tools and resources to execute the plan effectively.

Monitor and evaluate

Use tools to track and evaluate performance to ensure that the strategy is working effectively. Collect data, measure key metrics, and make necessary adjustments based on feedback and data collected. This helps maintain flexibility and agility in the sales process.

Training and developing the sales team

The sales team plays an important role in implementing the SNAP Selling method. Make sure they are trained on this strategy and understand the market and product. Continuously providing them with updates on their knowledge and skills will help them maintain high levels of professionalism and performance.

Continuous customer feedback

Hold regular meetings to share feedback and experiences among sales team members. Create an environment where everyone can share ideas and suggest improvements. Asking questions like “Where can we do better?” and making necessary adjustments based on feedback from the whole team will help optimize your sales strategy over time.

In the nutshell

The above article has helped readers better understand what SNAP Selling is and how to apply this method to sales to achieve the best results. StringeeX hopes that the information in the article will help you in your business activities.

In addition to sales methods and tricks, businesses also need to focus and invest in customer care activities to help increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the customer's return rate.

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