Stringee - A startup that signed deals with big companies like Viettel, Vov, Mobifone, Misa, etc. despite their fresh launch.

Published 2019-09-19

Stringee - A startup that signed deals with big companies like Viettel, Vov, Mobifone, Misa, etc. despite their fresh launch.

Stringee is a platform (SDK / API) that provides Call - Chat - SMS feature to be quickly integrated into the application (App / Web) of businesses.

“There are many similar platform development companies in the world, especially in the US. However, with high fees, along with concentrated development for the US market (worth tens of billions of dollars), plus a number of geographical barriers, these large companies are not too “attractive” to the Vietnamese market or even with Southeast Asia. It takes a few years of focus on researching and working seriously to develop this platform so not many companies in Southeast Asia chose to make this "very complicated" product. “In Vietnam, Stringee is a pioneer that provides this product for the market” - Mr. Dau Ngoc Huy - Co-founder of Stringee shared. In the booming period of online retailers or service providers, the competition has become fiercer than ever, attracting and retaining customers is mandatory. The customer journey is very important for consumers to evaluate and make a purchase decision. Mr. Huy said: “When the sales units integrate Stringee into the app / web, customers only need to touch the call icon available on the app / web, the call will be automatically connected to the call center / hotline of the sales unit. At the same time, salespeople can click on the phone icon built into the app to contact customers.

Stringee's call feature not only caters to retailers, service providers or e-commerce platforms, but is also useful for applications that require frequent interaction with customers, increasing reputation when customers are talking directly with experts or interacting with many people at the same time such as: Online training; Exam - consultation online; Finance - Banking, Booking, Transportation, etc. Stringee has 6 mechanisms for connecting users' calls including:

  1. Call from App to App: Internet connection
  2. Call from App to Mobile number: internet connection and GSM signal
  3. Call from Mobile Number to App: GSM and internet connection
  4. Call from App to the call center
  5. Call from Mobile number to Mobile number via a virtual number to hide the caller number
  6. Group call “The cost of using Stringee is many times more economical than regular phone calls, along with the above advantages, so even after a short launch, we have received the request for integration from major brands such as Viettel, VOV, Misa, Mobifone, VnDirect, Mediamart, ... and many businesses are also sending theirs. In near future, I have no doubt that Stringee will grow very quickly. “ - Mr. Huy shared.

When car-hailing apps use Stringee, it helps protect users’ phone numbers. Stringee's algorithm allows hiding contact information of users because it will only display an ID (code) representing the call. That means that using the car-hailing apps, the passenger or driver is no longer risking harassment by revealing personal information, thus avoiding unnecessary hassle: threatening phone calls, annoying texting. , even exposing your phone number on social networks or black listed websites ... as recent phenomena has reflected. This makes many users of these apps nervous and there are customers who have to part with the ride-hailing apps, despite their convenience. The benefits are similar to users of transportation services.

Source: Stringee- Startup mới ra mắt đã được các công lớn Viettel, Vov, Mobifone, Misa tích hợp dịch vụ

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