Currently, there are two ways to build a virtual call center. One is that a business purchases virtual call center software from a service provider, installs and uses it as a standalone software, not affiliated with the system. The second is connecting API directly to the system, virtual call center will be integrated with full features: incoming and outgoing calls for customers from web / app, storing call history, reporting and call statistics. ... It can be clearly seen that, with the first way, businesses must use a lot of software to call customers, having to download data from the virtual call center software and update it onto the system to easily lead to false customer information. In contrast, with the second way, all operations are performed on the business main system, the information is saved and synchronized to the cloud. One of the successful businesses in using API to build virtual call centers is Topica - a reputable online education platform in Southeast Asia.

With the specific business model of providing online courses, every time a student registers on the website, the telesales team must log in to their system, copy the phone number, paste and call using another software, then sit back update student files on the system. With a complex workflow, the number of calls made per day decreases, the large number of telesales still can not handle the entire list of students to call.

After conducting the API integration, all of the above issues were resolved. The business will create a call management module, the calls will be recorded, the statistics report directly on the system without using the third software, the data is also saved in the cloud, maintaining synchronous security across the system, telesales work has been simplified. Each telesales agent log in with his/her own account, filter the student list and call directly from the system without any third party software. In addition, when telesale makes the call to the customer, the system selects the caller ID corresponding to the network operator's phone number, thereby saving quite a lot of call charges. Updating the list of students on the system, statistics of outgoing calls, number of waiting calls, call reports can be made on the system after API integration ... Call quality management and the efficiency of telesale team is also easier. The call history is saved, the content is recorded on the system allowing Topica to be able to listen again, check the call quality, evaluate the efficiency of telesales so that the advanced training sessions can be organized to improve employees’ skills, ensuring the best service experience for customers.

Adding a great point with the feature calling from the app / web, Topica's agents do not need to sit directly in the office to be able to hear and call customers anytime. At the same time, customers can also call directly from Topica's web / app, which is extremely convenient and cost-effective.

Not only online education, the solution of integrating virtual call centers into the system through APIs is quite suitable for businesses that provide legal consultancy services, health services, ... Since integrating APIs into the system to build a virtual call center, not only students but Topica's telesales agents are also extremely satisfied, the features have helped them save time, call more customers, close more students, earn double income. Topica has successfully built a professional telesales team, won trust and satisfaction from customers, and what about your business?