A few business models that successfully applied a virtual call center

Published 2019-10-14

With its benefits, virtual call centers are replacing traditional ones and have been applied by numerous businesses. Some business models that can benefit greatly from a virtual call center are:

1. Beauty Spa:

In the field of Beauty Spa, most customers do not have any knowledge or little knowledge about their skin and body condition. Therefore, when each customer calls the call center, the staff must spend a lot of time to advise customers on the appropriate beauty course. Therefore, many customers who call were not consulted with because the line is always busy. With the virtual call center, when all operators are busy and the customer calls, the call center system will transfer the call into the queue so that an operator can call back to the customer after the end of the previous call via information saved on the system.

2. Law Advice:

Society is growing, people's awareness is improving, instead of solving problems by force, we use the law. But not everyone has enough knowledge and expertise in all areas, so the need for legal advice was born. But law firms are concentrated mainly in big cities, so it is difficult for people to access the knowledge of the law. With virtual call center, through a hotline phone number, when people call the call center for legal advice, the system will play an automatic answering script thanks to IVR feature: “Thank you for calling the law consulting call center of ACB Law Firm, for advice on the Land Law press 1, the marriage and family law press 2 ... "After choosing the right field for the caller's needs, the system Virtual call centers will automatically connect the experts to that field, helping callers to answer their questions.

3. Transport services (people and goods):

For customers who travel a lot, their travel needs are always high, every time they call the call center, they have to state their travel information and destination again. , point of departure, full name, flight number ... it just takes time, sometimes makes customers feel annoyed because I used the company's service but it is not remembered. With the virtual call center system, after the customer calls to make a reservation, personal information and travel schedules of customers will be automatically saved. The next time, when customers call, the virtual call center will automatically display previously saved trip information. At the same time, virtual call centers can be integrated into a CRM to help businesses synchronize data and provide better customer care.

4. Health:

Getting the queue number is a common thing for many years in most hospitals in Vietnam. Thanks to the development of technology, some hospitals have started to use virtual call centers, allowing patients to book medical appointments in advance. When the patient calls the operator, staff will check the availability of the examination and make arrangements for the patient, so that people who are far away can arrange a time that is appropriate for the examination schedule. In addition, the virtual call center system connects patients and doctors to each other so that patients can update their medical status to doctors without having to visit medical facilities.

With virtual call center, businesses have saved a lot of costs optimizing business operations, cut costs, and make the most of resources. Experience the free virtual call center right on https://stringeex.com/ to see a significant change in revenue of businesses.

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