1. What is customer service?

Customer service is all the work to satisfy customer needs or exceed those expectations. To do this work well, customer service staff would need to have an understanding of the customer in order to  offer the most effective solution to suit the company's nature and the customer demands. The criteria for evaluating customer service staff can be  based on method, time, and results.

Businesses that want to keep and attract customers need to focus on customer service. Also, they need to consider customer service as a vital factor to improve service quality and the business position in the market. The product may not be as good as the competitors but with great customer service, businesses may still receive good feedback and attract potential buyers..

Customer service through Call Center system:

Call Center supports telesales staff in the process of making  outbound calls and receiving  inbound calls. Agents can make and receive calls directly  from a desktop or the apps on their phones. It helps employees to take care of customers anywhere and at any time conveniently. And the system will be able to profile  and show all information of that customer. This feature can minimize the service time of each agent  and enhance the professional image of the business. Thus customers will feel more satisfied with the service provided.

Customer service through a Contact Center system

Besides providing features such as making and receiving calls , Contact Center can also be a switchboard solution that integrates all customer touch points such as Stores, online shops , messages, social networking sites , and emails  into one single channel, providing  a unified brand experience for customers to switch between multiple channels. The system will store a  customer list so that it can be  easy to identify the specific needs of every customer  and handle queries when they return. Also, businesses can identify and classify customers who have either interacted, first-timers, or have been active from their profiles in the system. .

With a complete Contact Center system, combined with  Video Call (Video Contact Center), businesses already possess the most powerful gear in their arsenal to set them apart from competitors. . The video call feature is necessary for businesses to tend to customers  helping in the process like  live product demos and essential document comparisons.

2. Why do businesses need to use video calls for customer service currently?

  • Save cost: 
    • Businesses save more than 50% on calling costs compared to regular voice calls since video calls can be made via the Internet  rather than through a cellular network. And the interaction and exchange still bring the same effect as meeting face-to-face via Video Call.
    • Besides, expenses can also be lowered by cutting rental fees and labor fees  for managing  on-site hardwares. 
  • Increase efficiency: Video Calls with clear image and quality sound will help the interaction between agents and customers become  quicker and more efficiently. Agents  communicate with more customers without traveling, making it more convenient to schedule meetings and contact customers. 
  • Increase purchase rate: Since the majority of shoppers prefer to shop online as of recently, it is crucial for businesses to make it easy for customers to make purchases through their online websites. Video calls can make this process become more realistic as if the customers are shopping at an actual shop with real agents consulting them on the products, which will evidently increase purchase rates. According to research, this method of selling products is significantly more efficient in attracting buyers than other online channels.   
  • Enhance brand value: A convenient, fast and efficient customer service process will enhance the brand value. Businesses who have this feature within their customer service process will build a more professional image in the eyes of customers than those who don’t. .

3. The secrets to building a professional sales and customer service with video calls

Businesses can apply Video Calls to their sales and customer service at all three key stages:

  • Approach customers: Customers can directly contact the business through  video call straight from the website or mobile app of the company. This feature makes it easier for customers to reach businesses for services and queries.  .
  • Sales consulting: Sales consulting is a significant process in helping businesses to sell products/services. This process allows customers to view the product before purchasing and with the integration of video calling, customers can see the product in the comfort of their own home. . Therefore, the rate of purchase for business can increase up to 80% compared to traditional voice call consultation.
  • Customer service : Customer service is a fundamental element in order to maintain customer loyalty. With a video contact center, customers can have a face-to-face interaction with agents to have a detailed view of the products/services they will purchase.  

4. Which sectors would need video call consultation?? 

Video call consultation is highly applicable and can be used in any sector, from Finance to healthcare and education. . Since the Covid 19 pandemic and social distancing, direct contact has been limited, which created many frustrations to both customers and companies. However, this feature has alleviated some of these issues and helped customers directly interact with businesses. This is how video call consultation helps different sectors.  

  • The insurance-finance-banking sector: The Customer Identification process via Video Call (eKYC) has gradually become  more popular nowadays and businesses are starting to apply this technology to reduce personnel costs and increase remote access to customers. Customers can book an appointment to perform identification via Video Call, Video Call or receive calls to conduct online identification. Therefore the process can be more convenient, enhancing customer experience that helps increase the number of customers and revenue. 
  • The medical sector: Video calls play a crucial role, especially for remote examinations in the medical sector. High-quality images and sound can help doctors to examine and diagnose many patients.
  • The beauty (spa, cosmetology) sector: Beauty and cosmetology experts can advise on appropriate methods for customers directly via video calls. Customers do not need to go on-site, or schedule a meeting, but can directly meet the experts anytime, anywhere.
  • Education sector: Nowadays, demands for online learning are increasing, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Video call solutions can meet the needs of tutoring or taking classes online.


Currently, video calls are popular in customer service around the world. In Vietnam, large enterprises such as Mobifone, TPBank, VNDirect, and VOV have also applied Stringee's video call feature on their web/app platforms. We believe this article will inspire businesses to use video calls for customer service to enhance their customer experience.

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