Making sales  through video calling has become an impressive technological  solution to help businesses resolve sales problems and boost sales significantly during the recent pandemic.

The rise of the online trend

As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, customer needs and behaviors have changed considerably. Instead of buying goods directly on traditional channels or physical stores, customers are switching to online shopping channels such as the company's website,app, social channels, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Covid-19 is considered as a catalyst that forced businesses to switch to e-commerce platforms. Especially, making sales from the website of businesses has been inevitably trendy as of today when only the business can fully own customer data, customer behavior, etc.

Selling via video calls is a breakthrough marketing move for businesses

According to a research compiled by Statista in 2020 , the E-commerce sector has added approximately $100 billion in terms of sales since the pandemic. This is heavily due to the fact that customers have switched to online shopping channels as their main method of purchasing. Since then, customer service  via video call has become  an innovative breakthrough to help businesses get closer to their customers.

Sales consulting via video call is best suited for organizations dealing with medium to high-value goods since customers need to see the product directly before purchasing.

When shopping through video calls, customers can easily get a close-up look of the product. They can also get immediate direct consultation by the store’s staff - similar to offline purchasing. Staff can actively understand the demands and psychology of their customers. Thus, creating a sense of closeness and establishing a stronger and better connection with each other.  Unlike live streaming, video calling  adds a personal touch with the way businesses connect with their customers. This form of communication attracts more  attention and achieves a much better conversion efficiency. This is similar to the face-to-face selling and consulting in-store

Integrating video calls in their sales process, UK car dealer Skoda has made hundreds of  successful sales with customers after only 1 week of upgrading. This is surprisingly positive considering the sales of European cars were estimated to decrease by 80% due to the impact of Covid-19.

In Asia, particularly Vietnam, many retailers in different fields such as automobiles, luxurious goods, electronics, and appliances have abruptly switched to sales via video calls. This method has attracted a large number of new and existing customers. 

Stringee Video Call - The perfect choice for modern businesses in the post-pandemic era 

To help businesses increase  sales and make the most of the video call technology, Stringee - the leading communication startup in Vietnam, is providing sales solutions with video calling features integrated into existing websites or applications  of the business. The company’s nearly 1000 clients with more than 42 million end-users has proved that their solutions are reliable and bring successful results. 

Stringee allows you to integrate a video call button right on your website or app. With just one click of a button on their smartphone or computer, customers can make a video call through the business’ website or app without using a 3rd party application - only an internet connection is needed. Sales staff can easily and conveniently receive calls and assist  customers with the mobile app on their phones.

Compared to other OTT applications (Skype, Viber, Messenger) used for video call sales, Stringee video call gives businesses  outstanding advantages without limitations. The extensive benefits include allowing video/audio recording to help businesses assess the quality of their staff's performance; automatically distribute calls to employees; tag/note customer information to help identify customers; detailed reports and statistics of calls for management; and many more others.

One of the customers who utilize  Stringee's video call solution is Pharmacity - the first modern retail pharmacy chain in Vietnam with more than 600 stores across the country. By integrating Stringee's video call feature into their Extra Care app, Pharmacity has allowed licensed pharmacists  to give consultations and answer customer’s medication questions visually on the app.In the 3 months since the video call consultation was launched, Pharmacity has served thousands of satisfied customers across the country and the numbers continue to grow.

Currently, Stringee's video call solution is trusted by leading enterprises in Vietnam such as MobiFone, VOVbacsi24, VNDIRECT, TPBank, Med247, Baemin, and many more..

“There is nothing wrong with change...if it is in the right direction.” —Winston Churchill

As the market is fiercely competitive and ever evolving, flexibly changing business models and applying the right technology in operation is a necessity  for all businesses. The pandemic has drastically sped up the move of individuals toward online channels. Companies and industries have responded in turn by using digital solutions such as sales by video calls to get a leg up in the market. To be able to survive and grow in today’s technological age,  digital transformation is inevitable for any organization, since the pace of change is not likely to slow down.

Want to learn more about how your business can adapt in the post-pandemic era? Visit Stringee's website or contact the hotline at +17079886789 to experience the solution.