Stringee Announces Omni-Channel Contact Center

Published 2022-05-27

In the age of digital transformation, interaction channels like Chat, SMS, Email, Hotline, etc. are becoming an essential part of customer service. Each specific customer has their own favorite channel and expect that businesses would reply quickly through that channel.

  • According to a research from Aspect Software, companies using Omni-channel technology achieve 91% higher customer retainment rate compared to ones that don’t.

Thus, Omni-channel is becoming the most important trend that can help businesses maximize their communication efficiency, which would strongly increase conversion rate and revenue.

Understanding the trend, Stringee officially announces our new Omni-channel Contact Center, StringeeX with the following main features:

  • Integrate and unify every communication and customer service channel ( Hotline, Facebook, Live Chat, Video Call, Email, SMS) into ONE PLATFORM.

  • Automatically retrieve leads from channels and distribute to agents, minimize customers’ wait time.

  • Sales agents only have to work using one interface, coupled with a smart task-reminding feature that keeps agents from forgetting tasks or customers.

  • Store and display customers’ information and interaction history on every channel: call recordings, video calls, chat history, etc.

  • Manage work with a ticket system, detailed real-time reports that help monitoring employees’ efficiency easily.

  • Integrate a call center into any CRM/ERP, organize and manage customers’ information professionally.

  • Automatically choose between different telco’s numbers to cut down call fee by up to 50%.

  • Available online as a web app, support multiple platforms: Web, IOS, Android, etc.

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