Virtual call center is a system of call center for customer care and multi-channel sales: phone, website, sms, this is considered a multi-dimensional linking tool between businesses and customers, helping businesses taking care of customers effectively and as a result, increase customer satisfaction with the business. With StringeeX virtual call center system, businesses can experience a new and full-featured interface, including real-time monitoring. So what is this feature and its benefits to businesses?

1. What is real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring allows the supervisor to monitor and track calls as they are made, helping to track agent performance, including:

Call monitoring: Detailed monitoring of ongoing calls, which agent is listening, and direct control on that call

Agent monitoring: monitoring agent details in online, active status, calling or not, supervisor can transfer status directly to agent

Queue monitoring: Detailed monitoring of queues, how many calls are ringing, how many calls are answering.

2. Benefits of real-time monitoring

Determine the number and quality of calls

With the goal of monitoring employees using the virtual call center system as well as incoming calls from the hotline, the supervisor can control all employee calls, helping to summarize the number of calls. , evaluate call quality. From there, evaluate the performance of employees to reward or organize training to improve service quality to customers. Determining the number of incoming / outgoing calls helps the manager to calculate whether the personnel situation is sufficient to meet the needs of customers.

Resolving incidents, ensuring quality of customer service

After a preliminary review of agent's calls, the supervisor can look at employee mistakes that make customers unhappy with the company's call center, the supervisor can "hijack" or transfer the call. go to a more qualified consultant to answer customer questions, to improve customer loyalty with the business.

Support real-time multi-channel sales

When customers often interact with customers, customer service staff can determine which channel the customer interaction process comes from and how long the conversion time will be. With real-time call management and detailed reporting of each channel, the agent will identify the needs and reasons for conversion of each customer. The virtual call center system will record all the above information on an interface, thereby helping businesses to evaluate and have business methods suitable to the target customers.

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