Published 2021-03-25


  1. WHAT IS A GOOD LIFE? Virtual switchboard is a telephone exchange service provided through software services, only for smartphones and laptops connected to the internet / 3G can be used, instead of pulling wires from the post office like traditional switchboards. .

  2. FANTASY TOTAL BENEFITS BENEFITS FOR BUSINESS Save investment costs for hardware and physical equipment, free up office space: Instead of investing in phone lines, desktop phones, ... businesses just need Smartphone, Laptop Internet / 3G connection with virtual PBX software installation can be used as a traditional switchboard with full features of listening, calling, navigation and call recording ... Saving personnel operating costs and maintaining switchboard: Virtual switchboard does not need personnel to manage the switchboard system, the system will be configured after installing the software. Saving domestic and international call charges: up to 50% compared to normal charges. Saving internal calling costs: For businesses with multiple branches (fixed or non-fixed) the use of virtual PBX can be considered an advantage in cost savings. Currently some virtual PBX software is free of charge for internal calls like StringeeX. Save time and effort of businesses: All traditional call center features, management, customer information storage of CRM software, ... are integrated in a single software. Best. StringeeX helps businesses handle calls quickly - neatly - accurately, manage call quality thanks to the feature of saving history, listening - recording the shampoo, caring and caring customers, giving customers absolute satisfaction with the business services of the business Listen - Call, handle calls from customers anytime, anywhere: Employees of businesses do not need to come to the office, just install virtual PBX software on the phone and log in to listen - call directly from the website / 24/7 customer answering app helps businesses not miss any sales opportunity. Do not miss calls from customers. With a traditional switchboard, the number of calls received at the same time is always limited (about 20-30) so there will be times when customers call and the phone is busy. But with the virtual switchboard, the number of incoming calls at the same time is not limited. Easy to manage, save history, statistics incoming / outgoing calls, listen - call recording, data storage in the cloud. Easy to integrate with phone functions (Based on the number of CallerID callers to query other information, click to call ...), integrate with CRM customer information management software, Marketing software ... Easily expand, move the system, minimize problems causing disruption of the switchboard system when a call comes in: power outages, telephone wires break ...


Enterprises integrating virtual switchboards into the system will receive and process calls on a common virtual PBX software. Virtual switchboard uses internet / 3G network to transmit audio and data over the network instead of the telephone cable of the traditional switchboard.

To use virtual switchboard, the business first needs to register for SIP numbers - This number allows you to make / receive numerous calls at the same time on a variety of devices such as IP phones, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Completely similar charges for regular calls. Enterprises do not need to connect the phone line, just need to connect to the internet / 3G, log in to virtual PBX software on the phone / computer to take care of customers or use IP phones with LAN wires. Currently, some virtual PBX software also provide call-to-call service directly on the website / application similar to video calling feature of Facebook / Zalo. StringeeX supports built-in Listening - extremely fast customer service call, in just 15 minutes via API connection.   II. FEATURES OF THE LATEST TELEPHONE?

  1. REPORT, STATISTICS CALL, MANAGEMENT OF CUSTOMER INFORMATION The current virtual PBX software allows recording and listening to calls, Save call history, real-time statistics.

  2. FEATURES IVR When you call the switchboard of any business (bank, network ...), you often hear the message like: “Thank you for calling our switchboard of our company. To search account information, please press 1. To advise and answer credit card related information please press 2 ... ”. Then, depending on the interaction of the calling subscriber, the system will orient the call according to the customer's wishes. Features detailed automatic instructions for callers, navigating calls to specialized departments to solve customer problems. With IVR feature, enterprises can create a greeting script when customers call, regardless of their needs (see the operator, transfer directly to the relevant branch, call outside working hours). , Leave message…). Thus, the process of customer care becomes more active and effective.

  3. VOICEMAIL FEATURES Automatically backup voicemail in case all employees are busy or out

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