Good Friday and Easter are two sides of the same coin. Good Friday, observed on the Friday before Easter, solemnly commemorates Jesus' Death at Calvary. Meanwhile, Easter is a joyful celebration of his Resurrection from Death and the triumph of goodness over evil! 

Before immersing yourself in all the Easter festivities in India, it's important to honour Good Friday with grand worship services and meaningful Good Friday songs. Keep scrolling to discover some of our top song recommendations!

Top 5 Good Friday Songs To Commemorate Jesus' Death

1. Masiha Ne Suli Uthai Na Hoti Hamari Tumhari Rihai Na Hoti

(Had The Messiah Not Borne The Cross, Neither Our Freedom, Nor Yours, Would Have Graced The Skies)

For our sake alone, He descended to this sphere. (Image source: Pickpik). 

Masiha Ne Suli captures the essence of Good Friday by depicting Jesus' heartbreaking sacrifice for humanity.

The first verses underline the meaning of His decision: without Him carrying the cross, we would never have been freed from our dark sins. Each word vividly paints all the mockery and suffering Jesus endured during his crucifixion so that we could better grasp the depth of His pain.

As the remaining verses progress, they reinforce one central message: Jesus' death purges sin and grants us salvation through his grace. He bore the punishment that WE deserved, not Him, solely for our sake alone. Thus, the song reminds us to keep Him in our minds and stay committed to following his path toward redemption. 

2. Kasi Thi Gamnaak Kahani Dard Mein Duba Kissa Tha

(A Tale Laden With Sorrow, A Tale Steeped In Pain)

Every flower of the garden wept tears of blood, upon hearing it. (Image source: Flickr). 

Considered by many as one of the most profoundly moving worship songs, "Kasa Thi" beautifully narrates the story of Jesus' Death and resurrection through poignant, poetic metaphors. 

The main verses set a sombre tone, begging us to empathise with His suffering. 

It keeps asking, "What kind of sorrowful tale it was," as we could not help but shed tears alongside haunting images like "a valley of death" and "a sun of sorrow." Jesus, once beloved by all, now walks toward his Death alone, carrying his cross to Golgotha for his final and ultimate sacrifice. This grand decision affects all creations so profoundly that even flowers shed "tears of blood." 

Nevertheless, the last few lines finally bring a glimmer of hope, centring on Jesus' divine Resurrection on the third day: our Holy Messiah has triumphed over Death! The flowers still weep for him, but now they are happy tears, celebrating humankind's victory and a new future that unfolds.

3. Yesu Tere Lahu Ki Dhaar Se Mere Paap Saare Dhul Gaye

(By the Flow of Your Blood, Jesus, All My Sins Have Washed Away)

Through "Yesu Tere," we express our heartfelt gratitude for Jesus' sacrifice. The title itself says it all: Jesus' blood washes away all our sins, gaining us a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection with Him. 

As we reflect on His Death, we also find a sense of peace and relief knowing that our burdens have finally been lifted. Without His sacrifice, we wouldn't have the promise of a better future and the opportunity to live in devotion to His course. 

The final verses shift us from sorrow to joy: Jesus triumphed over Death and the fear it brings, bringing hope of eternal life and victory to those who believe in Him. Anyone who loves Him and joins His path will find open arms at the door of His mercy. 

4. Tune Mujhe Kyun Chhod Diya

(Why Did You Leave Me?)

You alone can save, You alone can protect. (Image source: Flickr). 

"Tune Mujhe" begins with a cry of despair reminiscent of Jesus's words on the cross: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

They depict the feeling of abandonment that His followers endured when He seemed to be gone, leaving their prayers unanswered. Despite the doubt, they still recognised His power and earnestly asked for His help when overwhelmed with challenges, as seen in the desperate, repeated pleas, "Oh Lord, do not delay in coming."

However, once we move into the main verses, "Tune Mujhe" undergoes a powerful transformation from sorrow to joy! The line "They couldn't stop me from rising" is sung with pride, and we can understand it in two ways: either humanity has overcome obstacles with God's assistance or Jesus Himself was resurrected from Death. 

The song concludes with "Oh God, oh God," which can be seen as both cries of praise and deep expressions of gratitude. It leaves us feeling a sense of liberation and renewal — as if we've been reborn alongside Him.

5. Tune Itna Pyar Kiya Mujhe Abdee Jeevan Diya

(You Loved Me So Much, Gave Me Eternal Life)

Another great song recommendation for Good Friday worship services is "Tuna Itna," which narrates Jesus' sacrifice on the cross from the viewpoint of His devout believers.

These lyrics showcase deep gratitude for Jesus' love and describe our emptiness before discovering faith. The recurring line "You loved me so much" highlights the central theme: Jesus' immense love for humankind that drove Him to sacrifice Himself. 

The price He paid was significant: enduring tyranny, torment, and bleeding, all engulfed in the fire of sorrow. We all realise His pain redeems our sins, and with the final line, "Without you, my heart felt no peace," we express how we found faith in Him and how His presence alone makes us feel whole.

Should You Play It Safe or Try A New Song For Your Worship Service?

The goal is to honour Jesus and His sacrifice, so feel free to do what you believe is the best. 

If you think a new song would enhance the worship experience, do not hesitate to include it. However, make sure the music is somewhat familiar, and avoid choosing ones that nobody in the congregation has ever heard of before.


These Good Friday songs serve as reminders of Jesus' pain and sacrifice; we continue to live for Him today because of what He did for us first.

We have also provided YouTube links to the songs so you can practise them before the worship service. Feel free to contact us if you need any guidance.