uses Stringee Call API to effectively handle recurring loans

Published 2019-09-30
CATEGORY: is the first online lending platform in Vietnam, operating on a peer-to-peer-like model like Uber. has thousands of debts that are due every day. 1-3 days before the due date, staff will call the borrower to remind them of the deadline to pay their debt. With an ever-expanding business scale, a rapid increase in the number of borrowers, an expanding market in the country and abroad, needs a solution to solve this problem and minimize the burden on its employees.

With the existing website and application system, does not want the system to operate complicatedly because it must use a third party virtual call center software and want to find an integrated virtual call center that can be integrated into their system via API. After thorough research, chose to work with Stringee - the only company in Vietnam providing Call API services. Stringee supports Mobile SDK (IOS, Android, React Native, Phonegap) ... as well as REST API for Backend for businesses to quickly integrate into their products. After successfully connecting Call API,'s system can be used as a professional virtual call center software, the interface on the system and on the app can be customized to optimize user experience (UI / UX). With the technology of converting text into speech (support both voice and video),’s operators can make audio recordings and create automatic call schedules for borrowers when the payment is due. With the existing customer database stored on the system, the call center automatically selects the calling number corresponding to the customer's network to help businesses save costs on calls. Another advantage that is extremely suitable for is that the phone number is also changed continuously to ensure the highest rate of answering.'s service is quite new in Vietnam, their employees always receive a lot of calls for service consultation almost 24/7 every day and with a huge number of calls, employees have to handle after hours work. When it’s not office hours or employees are not present at the office, the virtual call center supports receiving calls from external phone numbers to call the app, receiving calls even when the app does not turn on notifications to help businesses not miss any potential customers. With a large market: Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar ... employees sit in Vietnam but can still handle calls from international visitors with the cheapest cost thanks to the app-to-app calling feature (supports both voice and video), this feature is similar to video call on facebook and skype. has completely solved their problem, but what about your business? Experience virtual call center now to make your business more efficient!

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