Video Contact Center - A new competitive weapon in customer service

Published 2022-06-17

With the explosion of the 4.0 revolution and the incredible speed of digital transformation in all sectors, customer service is one of the crucial factors which businesses are constantly innovating and improving to keep pace with the development trend. Besides taking care of customers through traditional channels such as call center answering calls, calling out, or interactive forms like email, chat, SMS, etc., Video Contact Center is the most innovative and groundbreaking form of customer service.

1. Video Contact Center - the technology trend of the future

As competition between businesses becomes increasingly fierce, customers are gradually becoming the center instead of product and cost. Not only do businesses now compete on price, marketing, or products, but they also fight for the best customer service.

The forms of customer service that are receiving the most attention and investment are the system connecting with customers via phone channels (Call Center) and the trend of omni-channel Contact Center such as connecting via email, live-chat, applications (Zalo, Facebook, Skype). However, these forms are still limited because customers may not explain their problems clearly and thoroughly via voices or messages.

With this demand, the Video Contact Center solution was born and marked a new era for the business’ Contact Center system. Instead of talking to an unfamiliar agent, whose face and name is unknown, Video Contact Center makes the conversation between customers and agents more trustworthy. Customers can feel comfortable talking to an actual person, can know the name of agents, and can see facial expressions and gestures of him/her.

According to the Deloitte report: The form of interaction with customers using Voice services is expected to decrease from 64% to 47%, of which 31% of businesses think that 8% of communicating and connecting with customers will be done via Video Call. Therefore, Video Contact Center is an essential "push" in modern customer service.

Using Online Video (Video Contact Center) in customer service

2. Outstanding features of Video Contact Center

Intuitive Face-to-face interaction

With just "one mouse click”, customers can make a video call to customer service via the website or mobile app with a device supporting camera. Video call takes place via the Internet and is completely free of charge. Agents receive calls and communicate with customers by voice and images (video) visually. Especially in the modern trend as well as the Covid epidemic situation, using Video Call to take care of customers promotes convenience and is a safe solution to avoid cross-contamination in the community.

ACD - Automatic call distribution

Video Contact Center is integrated with automatic call allocation and routing - ACD like regular Voice calls. A smart routing mechanism will distribute Video calls from customers to meet the right agents in charge of those customers, the most recent ones or to a dedicated/priority department. This feature ensures that Video calls to agents are uniform in quantity and duration, so that the right agents are allotted with the most suitable skills (Skill-based Routing) to handle the customer’s requests as soon as possible.


Similar to the ACD feature, Video Contact Center also has full features of tickets like Voice call including automatically creating tickets when there is a Video call, assigning them to other agents in charge, classifying tickets, etc.

Recording video and audio of calls

All Video calls are automatically recorded and archived. Both agents and managers can review it at any time, making it easy to assess the customer's status and the service effectiveness. Therefore, managers have a basis to find ways to improve agents' working skills and optimize the contact center performance.

Combine running promotional videos

The Video Contact Center allows the installation of promotional videos for products of the business while the customer is waiting for the call to be connected to the agents. It helps businesses increase the brand recognition and optimizes the marketing campaign efficiency.

Mobile support

Video Contact Center allows customers and agents to  make a video call from Mobile App (Android & iOS) and Web. Unlimited location, calls can be made anywhere, anytime conveniently.

3. Why should businesses use Video Contact Centers?

Optimize costs

All Video calls are supported via the Internet, which helps to reduce the large number of calls to the contact center to avoid overloading or long waiting times for customers. Additionally, Video calling saves up to 50% of telecommunication costs, helping optimize business costs.

Improve FCR (First Call Resolution)

One of the essential metrics to measure a Call Center is the rate of First Call Resolution (FCR) meaning whether a customer's request is successfully handled by a customer service representative on the first call. The Video Call allows agents to identify and capture customer requirements quickly, taking less time to process than other forms like phone, email or chat.

During a Video call, the customer can get an immediate response. It not only enhances customer satisfaction but also improves FCR. In addition, instead of asking for a call back, customers can immediately respond to staff in a Video call if they are not clear about the staff's explanation or advice. 

Build loyal customers

The lack of visual elements always makes the interaction of customers and agents difficult. The advantage of the Video Call is that it allows participants to see facial expressions and gestures to make it easier to grasp what the other person is trying to convey.

Talking face-to-face with agents helps create closeness and trust, contributing to customer loyalty to the business brand.

Build brand image

Applying Video Call technology to customer service helps businesses gain multiple advantages over competitors. Using this form of visual consultation helps create an impression on customers about your brand and increases sales efficiency.

Increase revenue

Since the trend of online shopping, customers actively find you through online channels, especially your website. The Video Call helps you connect immediately with customers, so agents can advise and guide customers to try products/services in the most vivid way. Therefore, customers are more satisfied, helping to increase conversion and purchase rates by more than 75%.


As a breakthrough feature for the customer service, the Video Call is highly applicable and effective in all sectors and industries such as: Finance - banking, insurance, healthcare, Education - elearning, recruitment, auto, beauty, etc. Becoming a pioneer in using Video Contact Center will be a "new weapon" to help businesses stand out and gain a competitive advantage. It is now the best time to learn and use Video Call for your customer service system.

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