Cloud Call/Contact Center - Calls management and answering system.

Published 2020-04-01

**Cloud Call / Contact Center is a call, contact management system that receives incoming and make outgoing calls in many forms: voice, email, sms, chat, video ... and customer feedback, as well as perform Internal calls to take care of customers in a timely and thoughtful manner. The Cloud Call / Contact Center model allows businesses to manage a large number of different types of queries such as customer care calls, sales calls, Web chat, and integrate all those queries into a CRM ( customer relationship management) software.

What are the benefits of using the Cloud Call / Contact Center system?

  • Reducing costs of infrastructure, server systems, software copyright with owning a full featured contact center. Employees can promptly answer customers' calls wherever they are, business organizations can take care of customers on many different channels: phone, sms, email, chat ...
  • Manage missed calls, actively contact customers wherever you are. Maximize the performance of Sales, Marketing, Customer Care departments
  • Integrate into CRM software, record and retrieve full customer information for employees.
  • Provide tools to support statistics, reporting, researching customer behavior. Monitoring the performance of the department, so that managers can make plans to train employees in time.
  • Voice call fees are nearly 50% lower than traditional mobile phone charges, saving internal calling costs.

Who uses Cloud Call / Contact Center?

  • Any business that has a customer care system, because Cloud Call / Contact Center is suitable for all businesses, for the following purposes:
  • Find customers and make sales (Telesales)
  • Communication for campaigns, events (Event BroadCasting)
  • Proactively seek out and take care of customers (Customer Care / Telephone Survey)
  • Prompt payment & debt recovery (Debt Collection)
  • Caring and selling to returning customers (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Customer Service
  • Remote Technical Support Center (Technical Support)
  • Ticket booking center, reminder of departure (Ticket Booking)
  • 24/24 customer service center (Toll Free 1800)

What features does a Cloud Call / Contact Center have?

  • Ticket: Case management features: Tickets created from sources are automatically distributed among agents. Agents and departments can transfer tickets to each other to handle the job. Tickets’ report include first response time, average processing time, detailed reports by content, etc.
  • Live chat features: Automatically distribute chat to agents: turnaround, skill based, nearest meeting rules. Report important information (quantity of chats, number of missed chats, average response time ...). When customers leave the website, the conversation automatically converts into an email to continue the conversation.
  • Email features: Automatically retrieve emails in the system's shared mailbox and distribute emails to employees. Email marketing: support personalizing email content, phone numbers. Report the number of emails received, sent out, the number of successful emails, the number of emails opened, etc.
  • SMS features: Integrating brand messages (SMS Brand Name). SMS Marketing: support personalizing SMS content <sent manually and automatically according to schedule. Report the number of SMS sent by day, week, quarter, group, agent, etc.
  • Call center features: integration of hotline numbers for VNPT, CMC, Gtel, SIM Box, or SIP Trunking-enabled carriers. Advanced routing: automatic route calls to the processing staff: schedule, time, rotation, latest encounter, skill based, customer attributes (VIP/Blacklist/Dynamic Field). Monitoring calls: eavesdrop, call takeover, group conversations, disconnect calls, etc. with the system of detailed analysis and reporting.
  • Outbound features: Create outbound campaigns: call, email, SMS, under manual/automatic mode. Create questions/answers for the campaign. Import/Export customers into the campaign from the file, reporting the results of the campaign.
  • CRM features: Manage individual and organizational customers. Tools for layering, analyzing customers, consolidating information and interaction history of multi-channel customers. Import/Export customer data, track details of customer interaction history.

When businesses expand and do not have enough resources to manage and respond to customer calls in a timely manner, a Cloud Call/Contact Center system is a great solution for your business. With StringeeX, businesses can build an online call center right on the website in just 15 minutes, saving 50% of the call cost. StringeeX provides features, utilities to support call center operations, help optimize business efficiency, increase 60% of sales and double the conversion rate of customers etc.

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