Individuals working remotely, the rise of rapid communications, and the internationalization of enterprises are just a few examples of significant technological advancements. These advancements impact how and where we conduct business. Building and maintaining quality relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors, and customers is crucial for firms to expand and go worldwide. 

Video conferencing increases output, saves time, lowers travel costs, and fosters collaboration in general. The benefit of video conferencing is its capacity to enable all of these advantages without traveling for face-to-face interaction.

Let’s read through this blog to fully understand video conferencing’s definition and benefits!

What Is a Video Conference?

Video conferencing involves a live audio-visual call between two or more persons. No matter where they are, users can communicate with one another in real time via a powerful internet connection.

Video conferencing is frequently used in business to facilitate communication and collaboration in and out of an organization. To make the most of the experience, you only need to set up the required devices and software.

Benefits of Video Conference for Businesses

Create reliable communication

A quick and secure way to communicate with your colleagues is through video conferencing. Prioritize enterprise-class service and support reliability in your solution as video continues to develop into a mission-critical function.

Build relationships

Participating in a video conference fosters the development of deep connections. Treating a video conversation like a physical meeting will make it more enjoyable for participants.

Make sure to give every individual you speak to on a conference call the attention. Remember that face-to-face encounters and socialization increase sentiments of social belonging and support the upkeep of successful commercial connections.

Easy meeting scheduling

Participants are more likely to attend more sessions at a meeting if they don't have to travel to get there. As a result, increasing meeting attendance is possible by participating in video conferences rather than in-person ones.

Additionally, employing this style is easier to organize meetings with your team. In particular, if you are thinking of higher-ups and executives with hectic schedules, they merely need to note the date and time of the meeting without considering the time spent traveling.

Create the digital workforce

Video conferencing software can develop a more cooperative meeting culture.  Additionally, it serves as a foundation for the modern digital workforce. Except for physical distance, video meetings enable teams to preserve human ties, hastening decision-making and enhancing your capacity for international collaboration.

Engage participants effectively

A video conference is much more interesting to join than an audio conference. Attendees are less prone than they are in the latter to "zone out" or do other things. As a result, by implementing specific tactics, you can increase attendee engagement, particularly when you encourage everyone to to engage in a virtual meeting..

Offer training easily

Conduct efficient video conferencing-based remote training sessions. Through the use of virtual conferencing capabilities, they enable participants to study and engage with people outside of their place of employment.

You can create videos to convey messages during general meetings or training sessions. You may provide each attendee with a consistent presentation in this manner.

Videos are also more pleasurable because they produce a more amazing sensory experience. 75% of employees prefer watching a video to reading a print journal.

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Key Features of Video Conferencing 

Screen sharing

This is a standard feature on all Video Conference platforms - video conferencing. Screen sharing helps members participating in a group meeting to see all the information and content on the screen of the person who wants to share information. Thus, people can grasp and understand the problem easily.

Video call recording

Video conferencing can record, record all the meetings that have taken place. Recording file storage allows participating stakeholders to review it, take notes, and capture information easily. People who missed the meeting can also play back the record to catch up with the discussion. 

This helps improve the management ability and increase the work efficiency of employees.

Group video call

Creating a separate group will help you organize online meetings with many partners simultaneously. There will be no scene, so you have to wait for the other group to finish the video call before coming to your group. 

Dynamic presentation

You should have a few things you can rely on for complicated presentations. Make sure you have access to various file types, such as PDFs, PPTs, and MP4 movies. This allows you the freedom to incorporate rich media into the presentation to maintain the interest of your audience. Note-sharing is another cutting-edge video conferencing function that can help presenters be more effective. You can record a process or a specific section of the presentation and transmit it to attendees as meeting or webinar notes. 

Live chat

Live chat tools are essential for anyone who needs to exchange resource links or converse with peers (without microphones). Because everyone may contribute without causing chaos, for example, by all trying to talk at once and drowning each other out, this is also perfect for large group meetings. Live chats enable them to actively contribute even if the instructor or presenter occasionally mutes everyone else's microphone to allow them to concentrate on the discussion at hand.


Video communication with remote colleagues ought to be as simple as talking on the phone or chatting online. When your voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) (video conferencing) tool is included in a VoIP package, it is. VoIP video conferencing makes communication seamless. By pressing a button, users can switch from audio calls to video calls or group meetings. It's unnecessary to start a new connection or interrupt communication in order to switch channels or include more individuals.

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